What Students are Saying About the Course Understanding Collective Trauma

"What a succinct presentation of a topic that ordinarily feels so overwhelming! Thank you, Thomas. I am grateful to be here now"

- Phyllis B.

"I am struck by the relevance this has for people traumatized by their loved one's use of alcohol or substances."

- Bill G.

"This was so easy to relate to."

- Diane S.

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Understanding Collective Trauma

A Self-Paced Online Course with Thomas Hübl

On Thomas Hübl’s training, Understanding Collective Trauma:

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During this course, we’ll explore:

Six video teachings on the theories and emerging research in the field of trauma healing including the process of self-regulation, relational presence as a core resource, and levels of collective presencing. Expand your perspective of collective trauma and healing. 

“Trauma is not just a personal experience. It is always embedded in a much wider chain of events and history. Examining our collective trauma is the way to tap into the evolutionary intelligence of humanity.”

Thomas Hübl

We are starting to realize that we are all born into an unseen field of trauma that often goes unrecognized until it is triggered.

Recently, we have all become even more aware of collective trauma because of events like the global pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and climate change.

As we move forward as a society, it's important that we look at the effects of collective trauma and enter into meaningful conversations on how we can address it in our world.

If this is a topic you care about as I do then on this page you can get a special offer for a 6-module course on Understanding Collective Trauma.

In appreciation,

Thomas Hübl

Why We Need To Urgently Address Collective Trauma In Our World Today

Thomas Hübl


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What People Are Saying About Thomas Hübl

“Thomas is a teacher in full. He embodies a vivid, piercing, utterly contemporary intelligence with the depth of ancient learning. A modern mystic, a profound heart, and a depth of compassion that bids his listeners' own hearts to open. Gentle, searching, and true - his leadership evokes at once a sense of loving connection and a thrilling  invitation to expand.

— Terry RealFounder: Relational Life Institute, Author of I Don't Want To Talk About It, and The New Rules of Marriage

“Thomas Hübl’s exploration of collective trauma strikes at a core issue confronting our modern civilization.

— Dr. Gabor MatéAuthor of In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction, and The Myth of Normal

“Thomas brings an amazing sensitivity and perceptiveness to healing collective trauma. His groundbreaking, insightful, and heartfelt work is greatly needed in these times.”

— Diane Poole Heller, PhD, Author of The Power Of Attachment, and Healing Your Attachment Wound

“As a facilitator, teacher, and scholar-practitioner, Thomas brings to bear the power of science and spirituality to help us navigate the often unseen structures of our collective trauma in order to facilitate collective healing. Learning with him is surely an experience to cherish and an opportunity to develop a deeper set of listening and sensing skills.”

— Angel Acosta, Principal Consultant at Acosta Consulting

“Thomas Hübl offers a wise and textured understanding of the tapestry of collective trauma and how attending to cultural and historical threads heals the very foundation of humanity.

— Ruth KingFounder of the Mindful of Race Institute and author of Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out

“In Attuned, Thomas Hübl brilliantly articulates the profound message that the essence of humanity is linked to an innate and universal need to connect with others and nature. In his book, we are alerted to both the optimistic and positive consequences of listening to this message and the dire consequences of ignoring the signals that trigger our need to connect.”

— Stephen W. Porges, Distinguished University Scientist, Traumatic Stress Research Consortium Founding Director, Professor of Psychiatry

Stephen W. Porges

"Yes, the last statement about learning how to resource ourselves once we've become triggered is a great reminder!"

- Deborah A.

"This was very helpful, very clearly explained and resonates with my work in organizations. I look forward to working more consciously with all the pieces. Thank you."

- Janet S.

"This course is so well done! I appreciate the concise gathering of these teachings."

- Molly D.

"Everything you explained resonates with my own life experiences, having navigated my own healing journey of deep trauma. And now these experiences of my own soul mastery have become my calling!"

- Inga C.

"I really appreciate having these foundational teachings as I am new to Thomas' work. I am learning so much about myself, how I see those around me, and I am developing an excitement about the possibility of integrating self and community."

- Jennifer W.

"This resonates deeply within me. I love embracing both the strengths and wounds of our ancestors, feeling support from them by using their strengths and ours right now to heal our intergenerational wounds. Thank You!"

- Nan D.

"I can relate to all those aspects spoken about, in my own healing journey, and collective fields. I think this course is going to provide a clear blueprint of the difficult landscapes I have been navigating on my own."

- Megan L.

"This is so informative. I love the differentiating between reacting and responding; framing reacting as an invitation to learn more about my own trauma landscape. This is so useful to me as I navigate what it means to truly respond to life, to listen/observe with openness and to be able to digest before I act. These teaching are enabling me to slow down and heal."

- Keisha D.

"Feeling grateful that after so much time trying to cope/deal with my own accumulated trauma and the trans-generational trauma of my forebears, that I have finally connected with a teacher and community who are seeking to heal and transform ourselves and join in the healing of our beautiful planet."

- Ida L.

Join us today:

A Self-Paced Online Course with Thomas Hübl

Understanding Collective Trauma


Inside this easy-to-watch program, you will find six foundational teaching modules covering the key concepts that are essential to seeing the nature of Collective Trauma and what we can do to address it in our world today. 

Learn more about the theories and emerging research in the field of trauma healing including the process of self-regulation, relational presence as a core resource, and levels of collective presencing. 

You will have access to the following 6 modules:

If you’re new to Thomas’ work, these short modules will help lay the foundation for understanding how individual, ancestral, and collective trauma are interdependent, and why they all need to be addressed for true healing. 

For those who’ve studied with Thomas before, these short modules may give you new insights and deeper layers of understanding about how to go beyond being trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive, to move toward a society that is trauma-integrating.

MODULE 1: What Do We Mean By Trauma? 

MODULE 2: Inner Coherence, Flow, and Being Related vs. Fragmentation, Isolation, and Distance 

MODULE 3: Relational Presence as a Core Resource 

MODULE 4: Transpersonal Teachings 

MODULE 5: Individual Experience and the Collective Dimension 

MODULE 6: Time and Space in Relation to Collective Trauma and Its Integration


Understanding Collective Trauma

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2+ hours of Video Teachings in this 6-Module Course

Downloadable Audio Recordings 

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All product spread

Understanding Collective Trauma



Special Offer - Save $50



Understanding Collective Trauma

A Self-Paced Online Course with Thomas Hübl

“The world is facing a series of collective trauma events and as a society we urgently need to develop solutions to address the core underlying issues and to help those going through current crises.”

Thomas Hübl


Understanding Collective Trauma

A Self-Paced Online Course with Thomas Hübl